Sunday, January 23, 2011


Oh, back on the island!  Life is good.  School goes on. 

Bob has volunteered to take on the math instruction.  WOOO HOOO!  So far he has kept it fun. 

I have a few more pictures to put up, but wanted to up these, where Bob is reviewing with Ava and trying to get her back into the groove after an extended holiday break.  He made up a game using his Risk pieces that reinforces place value and we added that and Banagrams the Tuesday Game Night repertoire.  Ava has been reading Lightning Thief, and has not been able to put it down!  I am glad that Hannah had given Ava D'Aulaires's Greek Myths so this won't be her first impression of the mythological characters, but that's just me. 

Our Girl Science group in Raleigh learned about microscopes last week, as a part of their introduction to the tools and methods of science.  So we have to catch up!  Our dear friend, Rick Ishmael, stepped up with the offer of a tour of one of his microscopes and some of his prepared slides...but he was poisoned by the cafeteria ladies (AGAIN) and is not yet up and about.  Hope you feel better, soon.  And let's start packing our own lunches, huh?

This spring we will be giving Ava her first standardized test, as required by the State of NC for every homeschooled child age 7 and older.  But for now, we are settling in, getting organized and seeing what the new routine will be like.