Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thursday Math Club with Maria

Math club continues to be thought-provoking AND fun.  We made a series of stars all with six points..6-0 all the way to 6-6, then lined them up on the floor.  The kids noticed that a 6-0 star (which isn't a star) is the same as a 6-6, and that a 6-1 is the sames as 6-5...and followed the progression.   Then the kids recreated the stars out on the trampoline, by sitting as points around the circle and passing the ball depending on the star formula.  That probably makes NO sense, but the kids totally got it and it was fun.  Ava wore her devil horns to the coffee shop on Friday and made more stars while she waited for Jessie to pick her up.
Using chips to find equidistant placement around the circle.

Connecting the dots.

Ava discovers matching stars with different formulas.